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The Great Debate Custard vs Ice Cream

Have you ever wondered which is better for you? Ice Cream or Frozen Custard? We all know that frozen custard tastes better. But we bet you didn’t know that its better for you as well.

Compare a half cup of standard Vanilla and just taste the difference.

                                    Calories    Fat    Carbs

Graeters                           290    160           29

Ben & Jerry’s                  280    150           28

Haagen Dazs                   270    150           25

JD’s                             200     80          25                         

Gluten Free

Our basic flavors of Vanilla, Chocolate and Lemon are Gluten Free.  Always be sure to tell cashier about any food allergies when ordering so we may handle your order properly.

Low Carb

Did you know that JD’s carries a delicious Low Carb Vanilla and Lemon for those of you watching your sugar intake? Our Low Carb Vanilla and Lemon is sweetened with Splenda and tastes so good that people can’t believe it’s low carb! A single serving has 145 calories, 100 calories from fat, 9 total grams. For those on weight watchers, it is only 7 points!

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