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"Taste the Difference"


Did Someone Say Homemade?

Sometimes when you order ice cream you wonder if they just dipped it out of a container that was delivered the week before. Here at JD Custard you can be sure that the custard was prepared fresh. Take a look at all the items that are homemade.


Quality Products

Custard is hand packed daily!

Only the best in quality toppings used.

Waffle cones and bowls are baked, rolled and dipped in house.

Fresh strawberries hand dipped in chocolate.

Buckeyes are made with real peanut butter, hand-rolled and dipped in chocolate.

Hand-Dipped Frozen Bananas.

Home-made Ice Cream Bars.

Hand dipped chocolate covered graham crackers.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Hand dipped chocolate covered marshmallows.

All of the cakes and brownies for our sundaes are made fresh in our kitchen!



Special Shop Features

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